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Massachusetts vegans, rejoice! No more searching the entire web trying to find nearby vegan activities, organizations, or events. MassVegan’s goal is to connect you to everything vegan in the Commonwealth—all on one easy-to-use site. Welcome and enjoy!

Welcome to MassVegan!

Our goal is to provide a single site for all things vegan in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Whether you're new to the state and want to learn about vegan happenings in your area, or whether you're a Mass native who's ready to venture outside your own neck of the woods for new vegan activities, this website is designed to help you find what you're looking for.

The site can only improve with your input. So if you know of something we've missed—a passionate animal-rights organization, say, or a lifesaving animal sanctuary, or a Massachusetts-based website or blog that focuses on vegan-related products, services, or issues—let us know! There's a handy contact form at the bottom of each page, so it's easy to reach us.

While people adopt a plant-based diet for many different reasons, it's good to remember that our food choices are literally a matter of life-and-death. And, no, I'm not talking about blocked arteries. It's the animals who pay—with their miserable lives and cruel deaths—for the milk, meat, and eggs that are consumed regularly and in enormous quantities. Wherever you are on your journey to veganism (and except for the fortunate few who were born vegan, it's been a journey for all of us), connecting with others who are on the same path can help. MassVegan hopes make that journey a little easier.

Go vegan!