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Massachusetts vegans, rejoice! No more searching the entire web trying to find nearby vegan activities, organizations, or events. MassVegan’s goal is to connect you to everything vegan in the Commonwealth—all on one easy-to-use site. Welcome and enjoy!

The Boston Veg Fest Is Here!

This Festival brings together an amazing array of vegetarian natural food providers, top national speakers and chefs, and educational exhibitors in a fun and welcoming environment. It is a chance to talk directly to food producers, learn the newest items in the marketplace, taste free food samples, shop at show special discounts, or simply learn what vegetarian foods are available and where you can find them!

The Festival is open and Free to the Public on Saturday October, 26, 2013 from 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM and Sunday, October 27, 2013 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Whether you are a longtime vegetarian or vegan, or someone simply wanting to add more healthy and delicious foods to your meal repertoire, or if you are just curious what it's all about, you are welcome here!

You also can learn of ways to benefit the environment, help animals, and enhance your health and well being. There are activities for kids, too!

There will be a Preview Hour on Saturday from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM! Admission for the Preview Hour will be $5 and a limited number of tickets are available here:

The preview hour will give you a chance to talk directly to food producers, learn the newest items in the marketplace, taste free food samples, and shop at special show discounts in an uncrowded environment before the usual large numbers arrive with free admission.

For more information please visit

Exciting Debut of New England's First Vegan Publication

Thanks to partners Paul Carr and John Small, two Massachusetts vegans who saw a need to bring together like-minded folks in the New England region, Vegan Villager has been born!

This bi-monthly publication is designed to give readers information about living the vegan way from Provincetown to Montpelier to Bangor and to Greenwich. Glorious New England offers many perks, including some fascinating opportunities for vegans who enjoy exploring its highways and byways.

Vegan Villager's preview issue is an attractive, exciting look at what the future holds in store. Learn more about Vegan Villager by checking out their website, and read the entire premier issue online by clicking here.

Huge Crowds at Worcester VegFest 2013

The 4th annual Worcester VegFest did not disappoint. The crowd, which has grown steadily larger each year, was massive, as expected, filling the Worcester Airport terminal with wall-to-wall attendees.

The range of vendors and exhibitors was also impressive—from numerous animal rights organizations, vegan bakers and food purveyors, cruelty-free jewelry, makeup, and fashion, organic produce, book sellers, animal sanctuaries, and too many more to mention.

Throngs of attendees at the 2013 Worcester VegFest, which took place at the Worcester Airport. 
Early on, especially, the crowds were thick. Diversity was impressive—people of different colors and ages, including lots of parents pushing small children in strollers.

More and more and more people!
The amount of free food samples was better than ever. And the upstairs hall was packed, as people sat on the floor and even stood to listen to presenters like Paul Shapiro of the Humane Society of the U.S., who gave a rousing talk about victories against cruelty in factory farming and the encouraging rise of vegan and vegetarian diets.

Was it overwhelming at time to try to navigate such large crowds? Sure. But what a great problem to have. Clearly, the people of central Massachusetts are hungry to learn about and practice a meat-free lifestyle, and on Sunday, April 14, they were able to do just that.

Brittany Davis and Pete Degraaf wait as Tiffany Cheng, who runs a catering business, Duck Yao, fills a plate for them at Worcester VegFest on Sunday.  (Photo courtesy of the Telegram & Gazette.)

Worcester VegFest 2013 Announces New Location

After searching for a new location to handle the ever-increasing number of attendees (not a bad problem to have), Worcester VegFest has announced the location for this year's festival.

It is [drum roll please] . . . the Worcester Regional Airport!

VegFest is a 100% free festival that celebrates vegetarianism—an animal-friendly, environmentally sustainable, and healthy lifestyle. The event features socially responsible businesses, inspiring speakers, performers, and free samples of vegan food and products.

If the first three years were any indication, the 2013 incarnation of VegFest should be amazing. The inaugural VegFest took place at Worcester State with 2,000 attendees. By 2011, the placed was packed with 3,000 attendees. Last year, VegFest moved to Worcester Technical High School, where upwards of 5,000 people came to sample vegan foods, visit 100 exhibitors, and get up close and personal with nationally recognized speakers such as Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of the China Study and subject of the influential documentary Forks Over Knives, and Kathy Freston, author of the bestselling book Veganist.

While this year's speakers have not yet been announced, you can be sure that the line-up will include some of the most sought-after, influential, and respected names in the plant-based and animal-rights communities.

To learn more about this year's VegFest and how to get involved as a volunteer, sponsor, or exhibitor, visit their website at

Welcome to MassVegan!

Our goal is to provide a single site for all things vegan in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Whether you're new to the state and want to learn about vegan happenings in your area, or whether you're a Mass native who's ready to venture outside your own neck of the woods for new vegan activities, this website is designed to help you find what you're looking for.

The site can only improve with your input. So if you know of something we've missed—a passionate animal-rights organization, say, or a lifesaving animal sanctuary, or a Massachusetts-based website or blog that focuses on vegan-related products, services, or issues—let us know! There's a handy contact form at the bottom of each page, so it's easy to reach us.

While people adopt a plant-based diet for many different reasons, it's good to remember that our food choices are literally a matter of life-and-death. And, no, I'm not talking about blocked arteries. It's the animals who pay—with their miserable lives and cruel deaths—for the milk, meat, and eggs that are consumed regularly and in enormous quantities. Wherever you are on your journey to veganism (and except for the fortunate few who were born vegan, it's been a journey for all of us), connecting with others who are on the same path can help. MassVegan hopes make that journey a little easier.

Go vegan!